This Scholarship is provided from the income of a Memorial Fund raised by public subscription to perpetuate the memory of Captain Geoffrey Crawshay LLD. The scholarship will be periodically awarded to enable the successful candidate to travel in Britain or abroad with the intention of widening and enriching his/her aesthetic experience in a branch of the Fine Arts.


  • Applications will be considered from the following persons:
    a) applicants who have studied for at least two years in a Welsh university;
    b) applicants who are able to show that they were born in Wales, or that they are of Welsh parentage or that they were educated in Wales, and who have studied for at least two years in the Royal College of Art, the Slade School of Art, the Royal College of Music, the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art or such other institutions as may be approved by UWRET for the purpose of these regulations;
    c) applicants who have studied any of the subjects named in Regulation 3 for at least two years in a College or School of Art or Music or Drama or Architecture in Wales, approved by UWRET for the purpose of these regulations.
  • The award is not to be used in the pursuance of study for a degree or diploma but for the encouragement of artistic practice and the cultivation of art appreciation
  • Preference will be given to a candidate who shows outstanding ability in one of the Arts.
  • The Fine Arts will not be precisely defined, but will include Music, Drama, Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

 Additional Information

  • The Scholarship will be of the value of approximately £1,500, subject to available funds and payable in two instalments.
  • Recipients of the scholarship will be expected to submit a short report at the end of their tenure on the use made of it.
  • 75% of the value of the Scholarship will be paid in advance, the remaining 25% being paid upon submission of a satisfactory report
  • No scholar shall, without special permission, hold during his/her tenure of the scholarship any other scholarship or similar emolument connected with any other university, college or public fund.

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