The Price Davies Scholarships (which also incorporates the Price Davies Postgraduate Scholarships) are provided from the income of a bequest made to the University of Wales in 1900 by the late Mr Price Davies of Leeds.


  • The candidate must pursue a scheme of study for an initial degree in Arts or in Science at Aberystwyth University
  • Based on the results of the Entrance Scholarships Examination held at Aberystwyth University
  • Award of a scholarship shall be conditional upon a successful candidate qualifying to matriculate in the Institution
  • A student who has already entered upon a scheme of study for a degree in the Institution shall not be eligible for candidature.

Additional Information

  • Three scholarships, each of the annual value of £400, shall be offered for competition each year subject to available funds.
  • The scholarships shall be tenable for three years, proportionate and subject to available funds and a satisfactory report from the relevant institution
  • Possible renewal for a fourth year.

Applications for particulars with regard to the examination, and for admission to the examination, shall be made to the Registrar of Aberystwyth University.

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