This fund consists of an annual income of about £3,000 derived from a bequest made to the University of Wales by the late Thomas Alwyn Lloyd LLD FRIBA. The object of the Scholarship is to enable the holder to continue the study of Architecture by means of travel.


  • The Scholarship will be awarded on recommendation of the Welsh School of Architecture, based on achievement in the final examination for the degree of BSc in Architectural Studies
  • Applicants must possess the degree of BSc in Architectural Studies.

Additional Information

  • The Scholarship, which may be up to the value of £2,500, subject to available funds, must be used by the holder during the duration of the MArch degree course
  • 75% of the value of the Scholarship will be paid in advance, the remaining 25% being paid upon submission of a satisfactory report by the holder
  • More than one Scholarship may be awarded from the income of the fund in any one year.
  • Within three months of qualifying for the degree of MArch, the holder must submit a report in a form suitable for publication.
  • All publications reporting the results of the studies carried out by a scholar, shall clearly state that the work was made possible by the T Alwyn Lloyd Memorial Travelling Scholarship

Further information with regard to the Scholarship may be obtained from the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

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