This Scholarship is provided from the income of a Memorial Fund raised by public subscription to perpetuate the memory of Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones, a graduate of the University, who met his death at the hand of bandits in Inner Mongolia, 12 August, 1935.



  • Graduate of a Welsh University
  • Preference will be given to a graduate who signifies his/her intention to pursue or continue a scheme of study in preparation for work in journalism bearing on international affairs or for entry into State or other services relating to international affairs.

 Additional Information

  • The object of the Scholarship is to enable the holder to travel in foreign countries with a view to facilitating his/her study of international relations. No obligation to pursue a specific scheme of study shall be attached to the award of the Scholarship.
  • The value of the Scholarship shall be approximately £2,000, subject to available funds and payable in two instalments
  • The holder of the Scholarship shall, at the conclusion of his/her tenure, submit a report of the work

Application Form

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Journalism / International Relations

Benefactor Background

Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones was a journalist born in Barry, South Wales in 1905. He investigated and reported on the soviet famine between 1932-33 using his own name. His quest to find the truth and shine a spotlight on hardships is thought to be the reason he was eventually kidnapped and murdered at just 29 years old.

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