The Price Davies Scholarships (which also incorporates the Price Davies Entrance Scholarships) are provided from the income of a bequest made to the University of Wales in 1900 by the late Mr Price Davies of Leeds.



  • The candidate must pursue a scheme of study for a postgraduate degree in Arts or in Science at Bangor University.
  • A candidate who, in the opinion of the Senate of the Bangor University, is the most meritorious on the grounds of their performance in the degree examinations


Additional Information

  • The scholarship shall be of the same value as a University Postgraduate Studentship, subject to available funds
  • The scholarships shall be tenable for one academic year from the date of the award but may be renewed for a second and third academic year, proportionate and subject to available funds

Applications should be submitted to the Registrar of Bangor University, no later than 31 August.

Application Regulations

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Location of Study
Bangor University
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