Vacancies for Trustees

Vacancies for Trustees

Published by Equinox, 6 July 2018

There are currently 2 vacancies for appointment as a Director of UWRET TRUSTEE COMPANY LIMITED, the Trustee of the UW Restricted Endowments Fund.


Legal status

  • UWRET Trustee Company Limited is a company limited by guarantee (No. 09430036).
  • The UW Restricted Endowments Trust is a registered charitable trust (No. 1162374).


Skills, experience and expectations

  • The UW Restricted Endowments Trust is the legal name of the charitable trust which is known publicly as ‘The Y Werin Endowment Fund’ and comprises the management of 52 restricted endowments originally bequeathed to the University of Wales.
  • The role of the trustee company is to oversee the sustainable management of these invested funds and the dissemination of distributable returns consistent with the wishes of a benefactor and the terms of each bequest.
  • We are looking to strengthen the Board of Trustees and first priorities are to gain additional experience of finance/business management, charity law, student affairs and the further education sector in Wales.


Key stewardship responsibilities include

  • Ensuring that the charity operates within and meets its charitable purpose(s).
  • Scrutinising plans for the sustainable management of the Y Werin Endowment Fund and its restricted endowments.
  • Ensuring that distributable returns are applied fairly and in accordance with the requirements of any particular endowment.
  • Overseeing effective governance and decision making.


Commitment sought

  • To prepare for and attend 4 (half-day) meetings per annum.
  • Meetings are held during day time (usually morning) and mainly in Cardiff – but meetings will be held around Wales.
  • Appointments will be for an initial term of three years, extendable by mutual agreement.



  • The posts are unremunerated, but reasonable travel and other expenses will be paid. Significant expenses (>£100) need to be pre-agreed. All expense claims must be supported by an appropriate receipt (or equivalent).


Closing date

  • [Not applicable]



More information about our Purpose, the Restricted Endowments and details of Current Trustees can be found on the Y Werin website:


Alternatively you can contact the individual named below:

Carys Dineen

University of Wales

King Edward V11 Avenue

Cathays Park


CF10 5NS


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